Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ride America for Safe Routes - Thank You Wheel Movement Members

Wheel Movement wants to thank those of you who were able to support the ladies of Ride America for Safe Routes (RASR) during their recent visit to the CSRA this week.  Whether taking the opportunity to ride along with the ladies, or coming to hear them speak, you made your presence felt.  Take a look at their latest post at for their first-hand impressions of their visit to the CSRA.

A special thanks goes out to Gator Cochran for coordinating all of the local RASR events and logistics.  Gator dedicated a significant amount of his personal time planning and hosting our RASR guests.  He is a wonderful ambassador not just for local cyclists, but for our community in general.  Next time you see Gator, give him a pat on the back - or a slap on the butt.  Thanks also to those who were able to ride with the RASR ladies and see them safely through our region including:  Dave Willis, Judy Speck, Mark Philyah, Brett Ardrey, Conner Ardrey, Phil Cohen, Doyce Johnson, and Dicky Thompson.  Further appreciation is due the North Augusta Greeneway Trust and those Wheel Movement members who came to participate in the RASR presentations.

Of course, whether through material support or simply a continued presence throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, it is necessary to recognize the time and energy spent by representatives of Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse, Chain Reaction Bicycles, and Outspokin' Bicycles in supporting our guests.  Including 6 Degrees, our bike shops continue to be selfless leaders in supporting active transportation in the CSRA.  Wheel Movement knows that their commitment extends well beyond business.

Finally, we thank the police escorts provided by the Aiken, Columbia and Edgefield County Sheriff's offices ensuring the safety of our guests as they traversed some tricky roads into and out of the metro-area.  Let's remember that these public safety officers are committed to the well-being of the entire populations they serve - including those of us on the bike.

In a very short time, Wheel Movement member participation in events, and responses to "calls for action," is increasing local recognition of the organization - and increasing the public's consciousness of our goals to ensure that facilities and policies which support safe cycling are an integral part of metro-Augusta's transportation system.  Our measured tone and unified voice continue to make inroads.

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