Monday, February 27, 2012


A special thanks to those Wheel Movement members who took time out of their busy schedules to staff a booth at the Augusta Half Marathon expo on Saturday, February 25. Robert Jackson, Andy and Karen Lesko, and Bill Waters all took their time at the table creating awareness about metro-Augusta’s unified cycling advocacy voice.

Our presence at the expo would not have been possible however, if not for the leadership and dedication of Dave Clarke.  Business was brisk.  We even ran out of membership forms to distribute. Thank you Dave for throwing it all together - and for maintaining Wheel Movement's public face.

Bill (left), and Dave want you!
Wheel Movement volunteers argue with...  Oh, never mind, its
just Randy, our Prez.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ride America for Safe Routes - Thank You Wheel Movement Members

Wheel Movement wants to thank those of you who were able to support the ladies of Ride America for Safe Routes (RASR) during their recent visit to the CSRA this week.  Whether taking the opportunity to ride along with the ladies, or coming to hear them speak, you made your presence felt.  Take a look at their latest post at for their first-hand impressions of their visit to the CSRA.

A special thanks goes out to Gator Cochran for coordinating all of the local RASR events and logistics.  Gator dedicated a significant amount of his personal time planning and hosting our RASR guests.  He is a wonderful ambassador not just for local cyclists, but for our community in general.  Next time you see Gator, give him a pat on the back - or a slap on the butt.  Thanks also to those who were able to ride with the RASR ladies and see them safely through our region including:  Dave Willis, Judy Speck, Mark Philyah, Brett Ardrey, Conner Ardrey, Phil Cohen, Doyce Johnson, and Dicky Thompson.  Further appreciation is due the North Augusta Greeneway Trust and those Wheel Movement members who came to participate in the RASR presentations.

Of course, whether through material support or simply a continued presence throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, it is necessary to recognize the time and energy spent by representatives of Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse, Chain Reaction Bicycles, and Outspokin' Bicycles in supporting our guests.  Including 6 Degrees, our bike shops continue to be selfless leaders in supporting active transportation in the CSRA.  Wheel Movement knows that their commitment extends well beyond business.

Finally, we thank the police escorts provided by the Aiken, Columbia and Edgefield County Sheriff's offices ensuring the safety of our guests as they traversed some tricky roads into and out of the metro-area.  Let's remember that these public safety officers are committed to the well-being of the entire populations they serve - including those of us on the bike.

In a very short time, Wheel Movement member participation in events, and responses to "calls for action," is increasing local recognition of the organization - and increasing the public's consciousness of our goals to ensure that facilities and policies which support safe cycling are an integral part of metro-Augusta's transportation system.  Our measured tone and unified voice continue to make inroads.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Welcome - Ride America for Safe Routes - Feb 21-22

Four ambitious women are undertaking a cross country endurance ride that kicked off in Key West on February 5, 2012 and culminates in San Francisco in late April. Two sisters, Jeanie and Chelsea Ward-Waller, their mother, Jane, and close friend Stephanie Palmer are riding across America to benefit the bicycle safety advocacy efforts of the League of American Bicyclists and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

Dubbed "Ride America for Safe Routes" (RASR), their ride follows a route traversing 13 southern states and 20 major cities, logging over 5,000 miles between Florida and California. The mission of RASR is to raise $50,000 for the League’s Bike Friendly America program and for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs in local communities. In addition, the RASR Team will advocate the critical need for bike safety and promote the public health benefits of bicycling through events with local bicycle groups and SRTS programs in communities along their route.  For all of the details on the Ride America for Safe Routes – including how you can donate to the cause - see the RASR website at or contact

The RASR team rolls into the CSRA in the late-afternoon on Tuesday, February 21, and Wheel Movement is asking for your support in welcoming them to the metro-Augusta area.  There are many opportunities to join the RASR ladies and Wheel Movement ride escorts on the road, or come hear them speak about their cause and story.  We encourage you to take part in any of the following opportunities:

Tuesday, February 21:

1.A.  Ride with the RASR Team “Long” (Trenton, SC to Augusta, GA) #
Start Time:       2:15 pm (Be ready to ride)
Start Location*:       Douglas Elementary School
                          215 South E. Diggs Rd.
                          Trenton, SC 
Details:  Mileage between 25 to 30 miles.  Edgefield and Aiken County Sheriffs escorts from Trenton to the North Augusta Greeneway.  Join us into downtown North Augusta, or all the way to the 300 block of Greene Street in downtown Augusta.  Expected arrival in downtown Augusta around or before 5:30 pm.
 (*Shuttle to the Trenton starting point being offered.  Contact Martin Cochran at or Bill Waters at

1.B.  Ride with the RASR Team “Short” (North Augusta, SC to Augusta, GA) #
Start Time:       4:30 – 4:45 pm (Estimate)
Start Location:       North Augusta Greeneway, Bergen Road Trailhead  
Details:  Leisurely trail ride between the Bergen Road and Riverside Drive trailheads,or join us all the way to the 300 block of Greene Street in downtown Augusta.    Arrival at the Bergen Road trailhead will vary.  Allow flexibility in our arrival time.

 2.     Meet the RASR Team
      Time:                              7:45 - 9:00 pm
      Location:                       Riverview Park Activities Center, Crafts Room
                                                100 Riverview Park Drive
                                                North Augusta, SC
Details:  Join the RASR and the North Augusta Greeneway Trust Advisory Committee as the ladies speak about the RASR Safe Routes to School program initiatives.

Wednesday, February 22:

3.      Ride with the RASR Team “First Leg” (Augusta, GA to Evans, GA) #
Start Time:       10:00 am
Start Location:   Outspokin’ Bicycles
                            1904 Walton Way
                            Augusta, GA          
Details:  Following the RASR teams’ morning presentation to Richmond Academy, Brett Ardrey (Outspokin’ Bicycles) will escort the RASR team down the Augusta Tow Path to Fury’s Ferry Road terminating at the Circle K convenience store.  Ride one-way is around 10 miles.
4.      Ride with the RASR Team “Second Leg” (Evans, GA to Washington, GA) #
Start Time:       11:15 am
Start Location:       Circle K (Corner of Evan’s to Lock and Fury’s Ferry Roads.
Details:  Ride segment of roughly 50 miles concluding in Washington, GA.  The RASR team will be escorted by Phil Cohen (Chain Reaction Bicycles), David Willis and Gator Cochran – and will enjoy the support of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department to the GA/SC state line.  Contact Phil, Dave or Gator at: Dave at or Martin Cochran at, respectively to arrange to ride with them (and discuss possible transportation back to Augusta.) 
(# For RASR route maps through the CSRA, go to: [Columbia, SC to Augusta, GA], and  [Augusta, GA to Washington, GA].)

Wheel Movement activities in support of the ladies of RASR are being coordinated by Martin (Gator) Cochran, Educational Programs Committee.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gator at:, or contact the organization at:   Help us support this worthwhile journey, and in the process, advocate for active transportation in the CSRA.